Agrigenus Pomodori Pelati San Marzano DOP

Agrigenus is an agricultural co-operative formed in 2005.

Agrigenus to help develop the achievements of single members that over the generations have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of products of high quality that are typical of the region of Campania.

The search and constant experimentation, the adoption of production guides a lot more rigid than those predicted from public officials, are the measures taken by the Agrigenus Society for the whole productive cycle: from the seed to the finished product in a can.

The use of ecofriendly technical production that develops the natural resources, brings a drastic reduction of the use of chemical substances. Enormous advantages derive from this, whether it be for the protection of the environment or for the health of the consumer.



To make you appreciate the true taste
of the products of the land is our mission, yours is to know how to cook them!